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All wallpapers are 1920x1080. They were made from vector art I scavenged from the internet. If any vector artist finds their work here and wants it removed or wants to be credited, contact me through this site either by posting a comment or sending me a private message on ComicFury. If you want a custom wallpaper, don't hesitate to ask me. I still have the source files. Click on the images to enlarge.


Celestia 1920x1080 - Click on the image to enlarge

Fair, loving and wise - or is she? There is something she is hiding from everypony. Only her sister Luna and her apprentice Twilight Sparkle can seen through her facade. Not much of her origins or past is known. This alicorn pony possesses unforetold power and a taste for sadism.

Twilight Sparkle

Twilight Sparkle 1920x1080 - Click on the image to enlarge

Intelligent, neurotic and charismatic - these are the things that define Twilight Sparkle.  She has been Celestia's star pupil ever since the death of her parents. As the years have gone by under Celestia's watchful eye, Twilight has begun to see through the smokescreen of lies and deceit her Master is using to control all of Equestria. Now nothing will stop Twilight from finding out Celestia's secrets.

Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie 1920x1080 - Click the image to enlarge

Joyful, friendly and sociopathic - a party with Pinkie Pie is never dull, just like her knife. A childhood filled with neglect and rejection has left this pony scarred for life. However armed with a positive attitude and a knife, she found a new purpose in life as one of Twilight Sparkle's friends set out to dethrone Celestia.


Fluttershy 1920x1080 - Click the image to enlarge

Innocent, timid and diabolic - all this and more hides underneath Fluttershy's cute exterior. Her shy nature made her unpopular at school and as a result withdrawn and reserved. Lucky for her, she found comfort in her animal friends. Fluttershy has an unique talent to communicate with any animal and this understanding has granted her great empathy for all living creatures. Friendship with Twilight Sparkle and the rest has given her the chance to finally stand out and show just how much she can be.

Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash 1920x1080 - Click the image to enlarge

Brave, daring and unpredictable - Rainbow Dash's need for speed makes her one difficult pony to keep track of. She is always the center of attention in the room much thanks to her confident swagger. Rainbow Dash is good and she knows it. Being the only pony to ever successfully perform a Sonic Rainboom has left her narcissistic. Twilight Sparkle's plans of grandeur presented Dash with an opportunity to further feed her ego.


Rarity 1920x1080 - Click the image to enlarge

Beautiful, manipulative and vain - maintaining looks and appearances is Rarity's specialty. There is nothing she cannot achieve with her talent for acting and conceiling her true nature. Good looks help with this as well. Her obsession for being popular and famous have found an outlet with Twilight Sparkle's plans. Perhaps through dethroning Celestia, she can finally become one of the créme de la créme?


Applejack 1920x1080 - Click the image to enlarge

Earnest, realistic and greedy - capitalism is the way of the world and Applejack knows this. After losing her parents at a young age she was left with her inherited family business. This has left her dedicated to making it prosper to make her parents proud. Hard work and huge sacrifices need to be made in the world of business. Twilight's proposal sounded like a potentially fruitful venture to invest so Applejack eagerly joined in.


Luna 1920x1080 - Click the image to enlarge

Old-fashioned, regal and misunderstood - patriarchy and the status quo were what Luna struggled to preserve. Once she saw what Celestia was planning, she knew something had to be done before it was too late. Nopony would however join forces with her because to them she was nothing but a jealous sister eager to take control. This left Luna no choice but to turn to dark arts for the power needed to face Celestia. The curse she cast on herself left her mind corrupted and twisted. All this was still in vain, Celestia was too powerful and Luna - now turned Nightmare Moon - was cast out to the Moon out of pity. No spell lasts forever and after a 1000 years, Nightmare Moon was free once more. She swore to correct her previous mistakes and gather the Elements of Harmony to her disposal.

Fear Before the March of the Flames
Taking Cassandra to the End of the World Party [PMV]

The story of Luna in Betrayal is a tragic one. She serves as an example of what happens when some pony attempts to stand up to Celestia's rule. Her attempts at creating an uprising failed and left her banished to the Moon.